01 May 2007

UK Tour!

We are The Folk. We play banjo, bass, drums and singing and we play guitar bass, drums and singing. Noboby sounds like us. We get together to play music together and sometimes we let other people hear it....
Saturday 5th May, 8:30pm at The Loft (next to Three Sisters in the Grassmarket) Edinburgh. Price £5. Contact me here on the blog or at Folkspace for tickets if you like.
The Folk (featuring The Gadgee) with the amazing Love Love Love and a Nuclear Sail acoustic performance!
Monica Queen
The Stantons
We're going to play an acoustic set with a couple of new songs and reworkings of older ones that, er, weren't on the banjo. Our tradesman's ethics have gone a bit cowboy of late, but we've all been busy with other stuff. The acoustic set could become a permanent feature; if two gigs in half a year constitute that last phrase.
Come along and catch the unique Love Love Love and a Nuclear Sail acoustic performance!

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Noble Fuzzbox Gets Exploited said...

Gadgee, can you ask Mr Golightly if he recalls who sang/performed a song with a video that showed a 25-year-old woman with braces on her teeth, set in a quarry. I think it was a Scandinavian band, but I just can't think who it was.