30 August 2006

A choir of Castrates to celebrate our love

Hope you can make it to this one. I know a couple of you can finally! We had hoped to get some friends to help out live at this gig but we might have to wait until the next one, details to follow. We are playing with the excellent Lucky Luke, whom I've seen go from a boil-in-the-bag Baby Tiger gig at the Swamp Bar, to supporing Teenage Fanclub at Glasgow Academy.

We put down some keyboards for Tradesmans' Lovesong and it's sounding excellent already. Verity gave it a real 60's pop feel. In this song I'm playing a tradesman based on a number men I worked with when I was a skinny, poofy, non-tax-paying stoodent. I used to work with a lot of really sound guys on summer jobs years ago both in a glue factory (sniff), and on building sites (fart). That didn't stop them relentlessly taking the p*ss out of me but that's ok. It was a great laugh most of the time and apart from my glue factory boss Billy and his sidekick "Ricardo Milano" I liked them all. The song attempts to broach middle-class attitudes to men who get their hands dirty at work and at home, and working-class attitudes to what constitutes domestic happiness. In the end it's just a song about cinemas and wide-screen TVs with a couple of slightly smutty jokes thrown in. If you come along on Saturday 9th September to the Cafe Royal you can hear it!


Shiny Dinkle said...

Hey Shirley, I've never played a musical instrument before but would like to. Are banjos difficult to play, and would you first recommend guitar, piano or something else before attempting the 'jo?

horny_buoy said...

What do you mean used to be skinny and poofy, you still are.

Enradgey said...

Hey Gadgee,

We touched base at the last gig at The Cafe Royal - and very good it was too.

I cadged your freebie CD in exchange for a tape with a few tunes on it - although the last two tunes of mine were very rough!

Real impressed with the tunes at the gig - esp the fable which turned out well on the CD too.

Like the social/ political comment on the Fable - reminds me of The Great Money trick in The Ragged Troused Philanthropists

The accompanying cover is classic - nice nod to the SansCulottes with the old Red Cap of liberty

You mentioned you & the Folk were thinking about getting a 4th dude in on your act.

And also you might be interested in helpin me out if my tunes were your cup of tea.

I'm keen to help out either way - I can play guitar (slide, rhythm, bass) harmonica, bit of keyboards, bit of penny whistle, bhordhran and catterwaul to okay effect too.

Fancy hookin up for a drink and a chat to see if any of its a runner?

If so let me know how to get in touch.
Cheers E

Alan Lomax said...

Hey gadgee you've got a face like a onion bajee.

Anonymous said...

you never cherished the love we had