07 October 2006

That Summer Feeling (it's gonna haunt you the rest of your life)

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Pop Theory night. We had a great time playing with Lucky Luke and the crowd were excellent except the psycho who insisted on singing his songs and rapping his raps to me outside afterward and looking like he was going to stab me the second I didn't pay him my full attention.

There was a solo set too...at a friend's engagement party. A celebration of love and devotion by a gadgee with a banjo singing songs about saying "no" to old catholic girl-friends(Patron Saint of Saints), getting bored with the huge infux of American culture and looking to more localised influences (The Holy Ghost), masochistic artists (Francis Bacon Would Approve) with a couple of actual love songs thrown in (The Gadgee's Dream and Tradesman's Lovesong). I got paid in dark rum all night!

We're trying out a violin player soon and hope to keep keyboard-genius Verity in the fray too. Off to see Jonathan Richman next week, listening to a couple of Stiff Records compilations after seeing the documentary on BBC4, and trying to learn to play the banjo "properly". Sorry, but it had to happen.

There's possibly a solo gig in November, but really we're looking to get a few gigs in between recording with an expanded line-up. See you later.


Tubby Checker said...

Is that banjo big or are you just small?

Cash Traitor said...

My son! When are you gigging in London?

horny_buoy said...
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horny_buoy said...

Are you ever going to reform Severin????????????
You guys have uber got it!!!!

horny_buoy said...

Do you shop at Marks and Spencers Mark?
Keep the dream alive
Keep on Rockin' in the free world!
Tank tops R us
Do you play the hairy Banjo??????

Headonism said...

GADGEE, would you like to buy my flat...

The Gadgee said...

Kitchen's braw