16 November 2006

A penguin and carnation, a lemon and dalmation

The alignment of the planets must be particularly bad at the moment. I couldn't make this gig in Kirkcaldy last week but will mention the work that pal Shug is doing with Sonic Youth Movement, and trying to get a regular music night in the town. I hope it went well, and previous blogs are testament to the enthusiasm of the young KDY crowd!

Played last night at Damon's Hollow Heart Parlour with all it's fingerpickery finesse. I have to say that I thought James Cumming was excellent. I'm a big fan of watching someone who is entertaining which may be come as a surprise to those that have seen me on stage! I've learned nothing from Jonathan Richman. My tour manager got the sack last night 'cause he had me booked to play Thursday, not Wednesday, so a phone call from the promoter, three forks of pasta, a bus trip, a walk in the rain, four Staropramen in quick succession, and an unrehearsed set commenced. I went into an uncharacteristic rant between songs too about god knows what! I'd like to apologise to Damon as he's putting a lot of work in and Hollow Heart Parlour deserves to be a success.

Did play Nuclear Sail for the first time but I'm beginning to think it's time to clear out the wardrobe and modernise everything. Less doomy baggage, more simple pop music is entering my head at the moment. I'd rather people left happy, although I did have my Glen Appin of Scotland tweed pipe-smokers hat on last night which might have edged it.

I'll leave you with Gruff Rhys, whom I saw as support act at the dreadfull burger-vanned SECC last week. An acoustic guitar, casio keyboard drum programs and a red cagoule/smock. I love it.


Herman Huxtable said...

Happy xmas to the gadgee.

What's the difference between Terry Wait & Glen Michael?

Female Castrati said...

where's my CD of music? i don't think i can get through xmas without it. "then i saw him in the crowd. A lot of people were gathered around him... we're all going down'