02 November 2006

Son of Tom

The first son of Tom will be performing at Son of Thom's acoustic night Hollow Heart Parlour. The band have been quiet of late. All three of us have had various distractions of late but are looking to finalise the basic tracks for the album by Christmas. I know, I know! Same old story, and a boring one at that!!

Please visit jojo blog for some live Jonathan Richman stuff including the gig I was at in Glasgow. He was a bit frail, throat infection or something, but still commanded the crowd (of middle-aged-ling-time-jo-jo-obsessed men).

We've started to rehearse at Liam's mansion rather than have to book a month in advance at rehearsal rooms because it's term-time and the angulars are in full force at the moment. It's nice to play quiet and hear everything so I've got a notion to start filming some of it. It took us a while to pick up on bemyfriends so it's about time we got onto lookyou'reatube.

The old harmonicas may come out to play for the solo set which I'm starting to panic about now. Hopefully see some people on the 15th. Bye for now!

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